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We produce aquacultured saltwater designer clownfish and live aquarium foods for the marine aquarium hobby. All of our marine fish and food are bred within our hatchery. We take pride in our facility to ensure we have the highest quality in marine fish and live foods. Take a look at our brood stock and offspring below!

Eminence Quality

All of our offspring are fed only the best. From the day they are born to the day they are sold, we ensure thier diet consinst of live foods, pellet food, flake food and a variety of different frozen foods. As you can see from our picture, our colors are vibrant!

Hand Selected Parents

All of our parents were hand selected for their color, patterns and overall health. We wanted to make sure our customers and followers only get the best from us. Each one of our parents make several varients of clownfish. From Bali Picasso to Goldflake Maroons, we have a variety of clowns that can fit anyones taste.


Our juvenile clownfish get unique patterns and markings right away. This makes it easier to distinguish our clowns and hand select the best ones. The clowns above are only 3 weeks old and look at the amazing patterns some of them get. This is all thanks to quality food and pristine water conditions.